GAA Championship Sunday

Eamon Donoghue brings us through the day's hurling action . . .

  • 4/17/2022 11:23:58 AM
    Hello and Welcome . . . It’s day one of the Munster hurling championship and we’ve a repeat of last year’s All-Ireland final to look forward to, as well as the meeting of league champions Waterford and the last All-Ireland winners before Limerick, Tipperary. 
    It promises to be a savage day of hurling action. We'll keep you updated throughout. Be sure to get in touch (via Twitter @DonoghueEamon or the comments section), for now though – let’s get started!! 
  • 4/17/2022 11:24:19 AM
    Munster SHC round one
    Waterford v Tipperary, Walsh Park, 2pm - RTE2
    Cork v Limerick, Pairc Ui Chaoimh, 4pm - RTE2
  • 4/17/2022 11:30:43 AM

    The 2022 All-Ireland hurling championship: Fixtures, TV details and more

    Your 'all you need to know' guide to the next 14 weeks of hurling action . . .
  • 4/17/2022 11:36:49 AM

    Yesterday's hurling matches (click on results for match reports)

    Leinster SHC round one

    Dublin 1-20 Laois 2-15

    Kilkenny 5-23 Westmeath 1-19 

    Wexford 1-19 Galway 1-19 

  • 4/17/2022 11:41:38 AM
  • 4/17/2022 11:43:29 AM
    The home side have been so assured in their performances with the combination of strength and pace that it’s hard to see them not winning.
    Check out Sean Moran's preview of the first game. and the rest of the weekend's GAA action here
  • 4/17/2022 11:44:42 AM

     Colm Bonnar (1st year)
    Odds: All-Ireland 18/1; Munster 12/1
    First up: Waterford, Walsh Park, April 17th, 2.0

    Uphill task for Colm Bonnar. The team is in transition but bringing on the next generation of hurlers is tricky when two of the best, Bryan O’Mara and Ciarán Connolly are travelling this year. Big question mark is lack of pace at the back even if there’s enough talent in attack to pose questions for anyone. Overall, though, a struggle.

     Liam Cahill (3rd year)
    Odds: All-Ireland 7/2; Munster 3/1
    First up: Tipperary, Walsh Park, April 17th, 2.0

    Already rated number two behind Limerick, they were big movers in this year’s league: winning it, more than doubling their goal averages and finding some really promising young players, especially midfielder Carthach Daly. They managed without Jamie Baron, who also misses some championship. Pace and precision everywhere, Liam Cahill’s team are well-equipped to close the gap on the champions.

    See Sean Moran's team by team guide in full here . . .

  • 4/17/2022 11:45:24 AM
  • 4/17/2022 12:05:30 PM
  • 4/17/2022 12:08:07 PM
  • 4/17/2022 12:40:27 PM
  • 4/17/2022 12:58:11 PM
    Team news - No late changes to either the Waterford or Tipperary teams
  • 4/17/2022 1:02:00 PM
    Waterford 0-1 Tipperary 0-0 (1') Patrick Curran gathers the breaks, plays a one-two and bombs over the opening score of the Munster championship 2022. GAME ON!!
  • 4/17/2022 1:03:25 PM
    Waterford 0-2 Tipperary 0-0 (2') The league champions double their early score, a free won and converted by Stephen Bennett. Either side of two Tipp wides.
  • 4/17/2022 1:06:17 PM
    Waterford 0-3 Tipperary 0-0 (5') Curran wins a free, on the 45m line. Bennett slots it. Three from three for Waterford, to go with Tipp's three wides!
  • 4/17/2022 1:09:29 PM
    Waterford 0-4 Tipperary 1-0 (7') Jack Prendergast points at the end of an electric running move. Then Waterford lose it in their own defence. Jason Forde feeds Mark Kehoe who buries a goal!!
  • 4/17/2022 1:10:55 PM
    Waterford 0-4 Tipperary 1-2 (10') Tipp take the lead for the first time via a Jake Morris point, following a beautiful Noel McGrath pick up.
  • 4/17/2022 1:11:01 PM
  • 4/17/2022 1:13:54 PM
    Waterford 0-4 Tipperary 1-4 (12') The referee pulls for a thrown handpass, Forde slots the free and Michael Breen then adds another point after a poor clearance. Tipp are on top all over at the moment.
  • 4/17/2022 1:18:11 PM
    Waterford 0-6 Tipperary 1-5 (17') Stephen Bennett from distance nails a free to steady the ship. Barry Heffernen then gets pulled for steps and Bennett slots over another. Forde responds with a free of his own.
  • 4/17/2022 1:20:38 PM
    Waterford 0-6 Tipperary 1-7 (19') The referee spots the ball being touched on the ground and Forde punishes it. Conor Bowe then floats one over from 60m, Tipp are dominating Waterford's puck out.
  • 4/17/2022 1:22:49 PM
    Waterford 0-6 Tipperary 1-8 (21') Waterford again lose it coming out of defence, this time a stray hand pass. Noel McGrath turns it into a Tipp score.
  • 4/17/2022 1:23:58 PM
    Waterford 0-7 Tipperary 1-8 (23') Patrick Curran does well to pick up the breaks under Bennett and feed Dessie Hutchinson who takes his point. 
  • 4/17/2022 1:24:52 PM
    Waterford 0-7 Tipperary 1-9 (24') Kehoe finds Noel McGrath in the corner, who from a very tight angle shortens the hurl and squeezes it over the bar.
  • 4/17/2022 1:27:13 PM
    Waterford 0-8 Tipperary 1-11 (26') Shaun O'Brien denies Jason Forde a goal with a point blank save after a wonderful pass by Noel McGrath who follows up with a point from the next play. Breen gathered the rebound and tapped over his second beforehand.
  • 4/17/2022 1:31:17 PM
    Waterford 0-9 Tipperary 1-12 (29') Bennett cuts the deficit to five points with a free. Approaching the final five minutes of the first half. Waterford look to be in for a goal but for some great work by Cathal Barrett before Tipp countered and Morris slot it over.
  • 4/17/2022 1:34:36 PM
    Waterford 0-10 Tipperary 1-12 (33') Stephen Bennett plays a beauty of a crossfield pass to Curran who sends it over. They've both been very good thus far.
  • 4/17/2022 1:37:26 PM
    Waterford 0-10 Tipperary 1-12 (35') Two minutes of first half additional time to be played . . .
  • 4/17/2022 1:39:21 PM
    Waterford 0-11 Tipperary 1-12 (36') Shane McNulty drives up from corner back to cut the deficit to four points after Michael Kiely's effort hit the post in the previous attack.
  • 4/17/2022 1:43:20 PM
    HT Waterford 0-11 Tipperary 1-12 Waterford start and finish strongly but Tipperary dominated in between. They were all over the host's puck out, forced mistakes as they came out of defence and took most of their chances with 1-9 from play. Can they maintain this intensity however for another 35 minutes? We'll see in the second half!
  • 4/17/2022 1:45:59 PM
  • 4/17/2022 1:56:32 PM
    Waterford 0-12 Tipperary 1-12 (36') Waterford win a free from the throw-in and from his own half Bennett bombs one over. Waterford have brought on Austin Gleeson and Jamie Barron for Carthach Daly and Neil Montgomery
  • 4/17/2022 1:58:19 PM
    Waterford 1-14 Tipperary 1-12 (38') Gleeson from the sideline floats one over. Then Prendergast and Curran combine with the latter passing across goal for Kiely to drill it first time into the back of the net. GOAL! Jamie Barron adds another point straight away and what a pair of subs to be able to bring on!!!
  • 4/17/2022 2:02:29 PM
    Waterford 1-16 Tipperary 1-13 (42') Tipp goalkeeper Brian Hogan scores a free from distance before Curran finds an instant reply for the hosts.
  • 4/17/2022 2:02:33 PM
  • 4/17/2022 2:04:12 PM
    Waterford 2-16 Tipperary 1-14 (44') Noel McGrath takes his point, his fourth so far. But Waterford surge down the other end, Kiely shakes off a few tacklers and works it across to Hutchinson who picks his spot - GOAL!!
  • 4/17/2022 2:07:23 PM
    Waterford 2-17 Tipperary 1-15 (47') A free from Bennett gives him a ninth point and Waterford a six point lead. What a start to the half. Tipp have brought on Dan McCormack who points with his first contribution.
  • 4/17/2022 2:10:04 PM
    Waterford 2-18 Tipperary 1-16 (50') Two in a row for McCormack, Tipp showing they've quality on their bench too.
  • 4/17/2022 2:14:49 PM
    Waterford 2-19 Tipperary 1-16 (55') Jack Prendergast catches a puckout and shoots on the run from a nice angle, but his shot is wide. Three wides in a row for Waterford, before Hutchinson leaves Barrett blocking air with a dummy, he skips inside and points.
  • 4/17/2022 2:18:15 PM
    Waterford 2-19 Tipperary 2-17 (58') Mark Kehoe breaks a tackle and with Waterford men surrounding him he does well to get his shot away and bury a GOAL! Waterford pay the price for a flurry of wides before that and it's game very much on again.
  • 4/17/2022 2:20:35 PM
    Waterford 2-20 Tipperary 2-17 (58') Barron's second point puts three points between the teams after a short pass from Gleeson's sideline.
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